S4A SMS module

What is it?

The SMS Sender module is a simple to use DNN (DotNetNuke) module that can send sms messages to mobile phones. Fully configurable and multi language

Where to buy?

The S4A SMS Sender module can be bought via http://store.dnnsoftware.com/home/product-details/s4a-sms-sender.

S4A SMS Sender Module

The module let's you send SMS messages directly from your DNN website / intranet. Template texts are available. 
To buy sms credits please go to https://www.messagebird.com/en/

  • DNN 7 Compatible
  • DNN 6 Compatible
  • DNN 5 Compatible
  • Configurable
  • Multi language (DNN Localisation)
  • Template texts

Step by step

1. Install the S4A Password reset extension/module

1a Go to Application > Extensions >  Wizzard install extensions

1b upload the package

2. Add the S4A SMSSender extension/module to a page.


3. Complete the settings

3a  Settings > S4A_PasswordReset Settings
3b the settings:

- Messagebird Api Username
     Enter here the Messagebird Username
- Messagebird Api Password
     Enter here the Messagebird Password
- Mobile phone number sender
     Enter here the Mobile phone number which you want to use as sender

- Testmodus
     If the testmodus is enabled, no messages will be send but the gatway is tested
- Default selected country
     Here you can set the default country where you wanrt to send the messages to.
- Hide country dropdown
     You can hide the country dropdown for an even simpler interface
- Test Settings button
     Test your settings
- Request Credit Balance
     Request your balance at Messagebird.
     At messagebird.com you can create an account with 3 free credits.
     Additional credits are available messagebird.com/en/sms-pricing-credits

- You can set up to 5 predefined texts with Predefined Quicktext Name and Quicktext Message 

- Unlock domain demo code
     To unlock de demo version
- Unlock instance demo code
     To unlock de demo version

4. Done the page is created!